As anybody who's fully immersed in the online world will know, there's a lot of information out there. And quite a bit of it is not much use to anybody.

With the advent of social networking came the outlet for the masses to vent their collective spleen and generally go digging about for those little nuggets of internet gold to share with anybody who'll listen. Pulling it all together is where the aggregator-type sites come in.

This one, specifically aimed at the Twitter community, pulls together users' favourite feeds, tweets, trends and articles and presents them just like an online newspaper - one edition for every user.

It's fascinating (and sometimes troubling) to see what some people are getting excited about but, for the uninitiated at the very least, it can help to make sense of the countless Twitter feeds, as some of the filtering work is done for you.

The newsy feel of is familiar without being cliched and we like this one a lot.

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