VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy Tab caught riding the train

Well, we kinda knew already that Samsung's much chronicled tablet (Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tablet, Galaxy Tape, sPad....take your pick) would be rocking a 3G connection because its details turned up on a leaked Vodafone system screenshot last week, but now further weight has been added to that suggestion as Electronista spotted one in the paws of a telecoms worker in Sydney.

The worker seemed to be taking the device out for a test-drive, on the train, and was happy to confirm the device was 7 inches, was running Android, and was "awesome". He also stated that it was "very different" to the iPad.

No other details were given however, which isn't really surprising. Chances are the test-driver will be in enough trouble with his employers already for letting the device be spotted by a gadget blog in the first place.

We're expecting an official IFA launch for Samsung's tablet (or possibly tablets) so keep you eyes on Pocket-lint for all the updates as they happen direct from Berlin.