Regular readers will know that we’re big fans of mash-ups over here at Pocket-Lint Towers, so there’s a real buzz of excitement (and subsequent lack of any real work being done) now that we’ve found

Pick two YouTube videos that you think might work together and hit the “double up” button. Within seconds you’ll have your video mash-up - the two clips are put up side by side and all you need to do is fiddle with the start times to make them sync up. Not everything works, obviously, and getting the timings right takes a bit of trial and error, but after a few goes, you’ll soon start to get a feel for what pairings will work.

Take a quick gander through the top 69 for inspiration or just sit back and watch the brilliantly bizarre creations of other aspiring VJs.

Prepare for a very entertaining (but probably quite unproductive) day.

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