We at Pocket-lint love tech, obviously. But we also love beer (again, obviously).

But it's not often that the worlds of our two great loves combine. So when they do, we get very excited.

So imagine our delight when we found out that the engineers over at Yelp had managed to hack an iPad and combine it with a supply of beer to create the ultimate tech beer accessory - the KegMate.

The KegMate hooks up to a number of temperature and flow sensors around a standard beer keg and also links up with an RFID reader as well.

You simply swipe in using your RFID card and then pour your delicious amber nectar as per usual. The iPad app cleverly monitors how much you're drinking, how much beer is left, the temperature of the brew and also gives you an option to rate the beer inside the keg.

We love the fact that you can compare how much beer you've drunk with your pals and the fact that Yelp describes this function as "the leaderboard".

Getting drunk has never been so much hi-tech fun. If someone could now invent an iPad app that orders us a doner-kebab for the way home we'll be in beer-soaked heaven.