For anyone who regularly uses Chatroulette, the service is now becoming a rather dangerous place. This, however, is not down to viruses or privacy risks, but the risk of messing your trousers after a rather innovative advertising stunt.

The social video service Chatroulette, has been used in a viral marketing campaign for the film, The Last Exorcism, a followup viral to a previous effort where a website was created for one of the main characters in the film.
This time Lionsgate, who is producing the film, looks to increase awareness of the movie by frightening the c**p out of its potential audience. The sting is as follows: pretty girl looks to be about to undo top to the delight of the various goggle eyed, open mouthed gentleman Chatroulette users. However, rather than the expected wabs, they get a rather different end to their interactive experience.

The video is all very entertaining as you see expressions change, and hear gasps of horror/laughter from the onlookers. It's also interesting to note that a company would choose this particular service as a medium, as by all accounts it's been waning after a positive, novelty-driven early response

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