It's a depressing thought, but here in the UK the nights are drawing in already, and soon we'll descend into the autumnal murk, with the sun only offering brief glimpses of itself.

And some of those who've donned the Lycra and got on their bikes over the summer will scurry back to the comfort and relative safety of public transport.

Actually being seen on a bike is often the biggest concern for winter cyclists and wearing the obligatory day-glow Gore-Tex jacket and strapping LEDs to every surface of the bike has, until now, been the only way to get noticed.

For one British designer, that simply wasn't good enough and behold the Cyglo: glow in the dark bike tyres - literally

These patented tyres aren't yet on sale, but they soon will be. They use LED technology embedded into the rubber treads, so as long as you’re moving you're sure to be seen.

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