Football fans must be over the moon right about now.  The various leagues are kicking off all around the globe and soon our TV schedules will be littered with the inane ramblings of the rent-a-pundit crowd. It's a game of two halves and all that.

I'm not really a fan, to be honest. The only football I was ever any good at, was the table variety.

And that brings us rather neatly to, an Italian design company who has taken the humble Fusbol table and turned it into a work of art, a thing of beauty, something to truly covet.

Its range of beautiful tables look almost too good to play on, but they're made out of the finest materials and (we're assured) are built to last. I guess they should be at (cough) $17,000 a pop.

Not for everybody these, clearly. But just look at them.

The beautiful game indeed.

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