Toshiba 10-inch Internet tablet due September/October

DigiTimes is reporting new sources confirming that "Toshiba will launch its first tablet PC model featuring Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor, Android operating system and a 10-inch screen in September-October 2010".

The new rumours align with what Mark Whittard, Toshiba’s managing director in Australia, said in July as he showed off a prototype tablet at a journalist lunch.

Although he didn’t give any specifics at the time, he did say that Toshiba was planning two tablets with either Windows 7 or Android.

At the time Toshiba suggested a September/October timeframe.

Fast forward a month to the eve of the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Germany, and Toshiba could be about to launch a new internet tablet at the show - exciting.

DigiTimes, who can at times be a bit hit and miss with their "alleged" sources, is also reporting sources saying that Acer, Lenovo, Asus and HP are all expected to launch internet tablets in the coming months.

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