Once upon a time, shopping for a new car was just about the most exciting thing a young man could do. You'd immerse yourself in the subculture of the petrolheads and fantasise of driving away in your dream car.

And for most people, those shiny, supercharged, streamlined machines remain exactly that - a dream. Sad, but true. We get older, we get married, we have kids and all of a sudden we're looking at people carriers and thinking our lives are over.

Even trying to rebrand them "MPVs" doesn’t work for me. It's basically a minibus with a better stereo. (Do I sound bitter?)

But, with sites like www.buyacar.co.uk all is not quite lost. Many sites offer motors for sale, but this one has a load of other tools to make getting your next set of wheels that little bit easier. The latest motoring news and a handy comparison of the newest models will help to steer you in the right direction.

The trade-in value calculator has helped me to realise that (sadly) the Aston Martin is still beyond me, even if you can get a baby seat in the back.

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