Cisco has partnered with PC World in order to give customers, who are thinking of buying any Linksys by Cisco wireless-N routers, the opportunity to trade in their old unit and get £20 to boot.

We'd be the first to admit that a router isn't the first gadget on your average chaps must-have list, but if you've been thinking of upgrading to wireless-N this could be a timely deal.

The cashback offer is available on purchases of the WRT610N, WRT320N, WRT160N  and WRT120N, routers or the WAG320N, WAG160N and WAG120N modem routers.

Gareth Jones, regional sales manager, Cisco said: “Linksys by Cisco routers enable a superior home networking experience on your wireless network that is more secure, and our collaboration with PC World means we can offer our customers this opportunity for a fraction of the cost. By trading in their old routers for recycling, customers can also help the environment”.

However, we're not sure how accurate that last statement is, as us Pocketlinters prefer to burn all our old gadgets. On a clear day you can see the black plume rising from Pocket-lint Towers for miles around - it's quite a sight, we can tell you.

Still, if you fancy taking advantage of the offer, it'll be running until 27 August 2010, you can head over to PC World's online store.