APP OF THE DAY - Risk (iPhone)

Today's app of the day is all about dominating the world, one country at a time, because we figured that given the chance, that's probably what you would like to do, I mean who wouldn't want to rule Australia right? Of course you can't really rule the world unless you happen to be someone like Barak Obama or David Cameron, and if you are them, hello, welcome to the site. 

For the rest of us there is Risk on the iPhone from EA:




Hack back to your childhood for 2 minutes and you probably played Monopoly and/or Risk. But we hear you when you say that the days of playing a board game that could last the better half of a school holiday doesn't really fit into your life right now.

In steps Risk the iPhone edition ready for you to invade Mongolia on a bus to somewhere exotic.  

Like before you've got to strategize over the world map, attack with a "roll" of the dice, and fortify your advances with the same rule set as the classic board game.
But rather than finding a bunch of mates to play against, you get to play against the computer or if you're planning a Risk party; you have the option two multiplayer modes either via Bluetooth with four others or Pass 'n Play with six of your mates.

To keep you coming back for more there are an extensive list of achievements says EA, and while it's fair to say this is one is for the geeky amongst us, if you enjoyed Risk as a kid, you'll enjoy it here once again.

Now all we need is that turn based ICBM focused game Crisis to make a comeback and our lives would be complete.