VIDEO: Canon EOS 7D camera vs Barbie

The new Barbie Video Girl doll from Mattel, which is currently only available in the UK on import, is actually a fully operational digital camcorder in the body of the eponymous doll. It has a tiny LCD screen on the back, a lens on the front (just above her, ahem, bosom), and a USB port to download the clips to a computer.

It features 256MB of storage space, which is enough to hold about 30 minutes of SD footage, and runs on two AA batteries, slotted in the thigh of each leg.

Barbie Video Girl is available in the States for $50, but is fetching anywhere up to £70 in the UK at present.

The Canon 7D, however, was £1700 on launch (now around £1200 for the body only), and can shoot 1080p video. Therefore, you'd definitely expect it to be, not just streets, but universes ahead of Barbie and her boobcorder...

Film maker Brandon Bloch, though, comes up with some surprising results when he tests them head to head.