VIDEO: Hilarious Facebook movie parody - The Video Website

If you've seen the teaser trailers that have been released for David Fincher's upcoming Facebook movie, The Social Network, and thought that they were a bit cheesy, dramatic or just a tad OTT then you're going to love this parody from Jeff Loveness.

Loveness has created (alongside co-director Kyle Helf) a trailer for the non-existent movie The Video Website, that shows the beginnings of YouTube in, more or less, exactly the same fashion that The Social Network depicts Facebook's origins.

Instead of Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin's tense relationship as the site takes off, we see Steve Chen and Chad Hurley going toe-to-toe when the big time hits all with the same choir version of Radiohead's Creep providing the soundtrack.

But, instead of being accidentally funny, the mock-trailer is designed for laughs. And it got Pocket-lint chortling, we have to say.

The Social Network hits cinemas in October. The Video Website, unfortunately, does not.