Some custom hack-jobs are just so damn cool.

And often, the coolest mashups are the simplest ones. The guy who thought up this genius little idea must have only had two thoughts.

Firstly, racing radio controlled cars is fun, and secondly, racing sim video games is also fun. Put the two together and what have you got? Double fun.

We love the fact that the tiny little RC car is controlled by an absolute beast of an arcade machine, that looks like something out of the mid 1990s.

Think of the time and effort that went into this project - and all in the name of fun.

So we salute Malte Jehmlich for his Racer effort. He earns the coveted Pocket-lint seal of approval.

Have you seen any custom botch jobs out there in webland that we should know of? If so, drop us a line using the comments below and we'll include it in future if we think that it's cool enough.