It was one of those days yesterday. A casual comment about the choice of office music led to an all-day discussion on who sampled which artists first, where the sample came from originally and which decade was better - the eighties or nineties, etc, etc, etc... You know the kind of day - all offices have them.

My own favourite bit of sampling trivia is that for My Name Is, Eminem sampled a little known tune by Labe Siffre - yes, that Labe Siffre of Something Inside So Strong fame. Strange, but true - you can ask the Internet.

But as a result of our nostalgic musical musings, this site surfaced:,

It's setting out to find the source of any and every sample, so discussion like ours won't rumble on and on. A quick check and you'll have your answer.

It's definitely one for music trivia buffs and old school hip hop fans, and just goes to show that office banter can sometimes dig up some very useful stuff.

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