Now, I don't want to suggest that any of you folks out there are in any way "perspirationally challenged" (i.e. a bit sweaty), but from time to time, surely most people get that "not so fresh feeling" during the summer months.

You can spray, roll or smear all manner of chemical antiperspirants all over yourself, but sometimes the body will just do what it wants to do and make you go about your day keeping your arms by your side and wandering around like a tranquillised Riverdancer. And those unsightly patches can prove stubborn to get rid of.

Finally, somebody has done something really useful and invented a range of shirts that actively help you to stay fresh.

The "smartweave" technology draws perspiration away from the skin and spreads it over a larger area so it dries much more quickly. The result? No more sweat patches.

They're running an introductory offer at the moment through, giving 20 per cent off your first order. So if the summer months are challenging your wardrobe choices, give these a try.

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