One thing is for sure - you can't accuse Pocket-lint of not being true to our word (on this occasion at least).

Back on 5 July we brought you news that the Comex guys had hacked an iPad so it could Flash, or Frash, as the port is called, and we mentioned that their next aim was to get Frash up and running on other Apple devices via an iOS 4 mod. We said that we'd keep you posted.

Well, consider yourself posted because here is the video that shows off Frash running on a jailbroken iPhone 4, in the same manner it ran on the iPad.

It looks pretty smooth and doesn't seem to lag - although you do have to push the Flash button everytime it appears to load the content - it won't just happen automatically like it does in your browser.

If you want Frash, you'll have to jailbreak your iPhone and install OpenSSH, which you'll find in Cydia as well as Cyberduck if you've got a Mac, or WinSCP if you're a PC.

Full installation instructions can be found on the Redmond Pie site.

But remember, whilst jailbreaking is technically legal (in the US at least) and will make your iPhone a bit cooler than the other iSheeps, it will void your warranty with Apple, so do so at your own peril.

Are you a jailbreaker, or are you happy with what Apple has given you out of the box?