The only thing that could have made this teaser trailer, that EA has released for Fifa 11, any more brilliant is for them to have used a footballer who actually looked decent over in South Africa.

After all, whilst Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (or Kaká to his mates) showed a couple of little glimpses of his genius, overall he looked a tired and forlorn figure - perhaps paying the price for a badly timed move to Madrid.

Maybe EA should have gone with Diego Forlán, Wesley Schneider or Patrick Müller for the teaser.

Anyway, it still looks awesome with the attention to detail that has become synonymous with the franchise over the years.

We particularly love the way Kaká's strip blends from the yellow and green of Brazil to the brilliant white of Real Madrid.

We can't wait for 1 October for the game to hit the shops. It will make the 3 weeks until PES 2011 comes out fly-by.