Now Google Maps on your iPhone or Android (or Ovi Maps for you Nokia fans) is an absolute God-send. It sends shivers to the very core of Pocket-lint's soul to think of the days before GPS mapping was available in our hand anywhere, anytime.

But when you've got your phone out and you're plotting your route, there is always a chance that you might fall down an uncovered drain, walk straight into a lamppost, or worse - get your expensive device pinched by a gang of rude-bois.

So, with this nifty pair of prototype Personal Navigation System glasses from Japan, you'll never have those worries ever again.

The glasses, which look like your average pair of Clark Kent's, have LED lights around the rims that can light-up either green or red to tell you if you're walking in the correct direction for your intended destination.

They work by determining the way you are facing using a magnetic direction sensor that is fitted to the rear of the glasses.

There's no fastest route, or best walking route systems like you get with fully-fledged mapping software, but they will point you in the right direction and hey, the local 14-year old, Adidas tracksuit wearing gang are hardly likely to want to nick your specs.

So it's a Pocket-lint thumbs up for the guys over at the Nakajima Lab, University of Electro-Communication in Tokyo. Let's hope they are getting nearer to an actual product launch sometime soon.