Look, we know that with Kinect you'll be able to play games by moving around, and there is even a face controlled game coming for the Nintendo DSi, but there is something charming about this hack-job from the clever so-and-sos at Waterloo Labs, who have developed an eye-control system for the greatest 8-bit console of all time - the NES (sorry Sega Master System fans, but you know it's true).

The system works by placing a number of electrodes around the eyes, which measure positive and negative changes due to the retina's larger population of neurons. Or something like that.

Science never was Pocket-lint's strong point - we bunked off most of the time to play Super Mario Bros (with a control pad, sadly). You'll have to pay attention to the lady-scientist in the video if you want the proper explanation.

The system moves Mario left or right depending on eye-movement with a blink, or a look to the skies, to jump.

Pocket-lint may not know its science but it does no a thing or two about Super Mario Bros. And we know that we wouldn't lose two lives on level 1-1, even using just our eyes. And we certainly wouldn't miss the hidden extra life mushroom that the chap runs by at 2.02 in the video.

Basic error that one, and if these chaps would have bunked off of science lessons like us, then they would have known that.

Pocket-lint 1, Science boffins 0.