The Settlers of Catan has appeared in many forms since its first publication in Germany as a table top board game back in 1995.

There are now versions for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Xbox 360 (via XBLA), PS3, PC and more. And there are expansions for the original (in board and iPhone varieties), plus free-to-play online browser adaptations. There's even an iPad version imminent. But, none of them look quite as sexy as the officially-licensed Settlers of Catan conversion Vectorform Game Studios has created for the Microsoft Surface.

The Surface tables, made with interactive touchscreens, are ideal for board gaming, and it is Microsoft's goal to have them placed in bars and other venues so that gamers can sit down for a session without the faff of setting up, or placing fiddly pieces.

Certainly, fans of SoC will be left salivating after the first 30 seconds of this demo video alone.

Incidentally, they will also be buoyed by the news that a new iPhone and BlackBerry version of the game, with the Seafarers expansion, is on the near horizon.