Can MeeGo be Nokia's saviour?

It just might be if this demo of the new OS is anything to go by.

The Linux based platform, which is a joint effort from Intel and Nokia, is due to be the OS of choice for future Nokia flagship devices after the forthcoming N8.

And in this emulation of what the platform will look like on a mobile handset we have to say it all looks pretty swish.

The front screen is very Nokia Symbian like, with widgets such as stock prices and a player, but you also get a first peek at the social networking features that are likely to play a large part of the MeeGo make-up.

Streams of updates from Ovi messenger and Facebook are shown, and when clicked the user can access more updates, applying comments or even adding their own updates. The message centre seems to treat updates from different social networks as the same thing - putting them all in one stream.

It's not the first time we've seen something like this, social media integration is now quite a common feature, but the MeeGo system seems to handle it seamlessly. 

There's also an example of buying an app from the Ovi Store, which will have to improve dramatically from what is currently offered if Nokia hopes to rival Android or Apple in the app market.

It all looks very promising. But, do you think MeeGo will be enough to turnaround Nokia's recent downturn? Or do you think the Finnish giant is living on borrowed time? Give us your thoughts below.