Just imagine: if we all spent even half as much time watching intellectual debate on the Internet as we do watching people fall off bikes and generally make tits of themselves, we’d probably be a little bit smarter.

Yes, online video is there to entertain the masses, but it can also educate, and Fora TV is a great place to start.

It travels the world visiting conferences and events where the greatest scientists, philosophers and intellectuals of our time speak and offer their take on world affairs.

These clips cover all sorts of topics, and they’re not going to be to everybody’s taste. But, when you’ve seen just about as many viral "fails" as you can handle, it’s nice to know there’s somewhere you can come for some sensible opinions on things.

If it’s your thing, there’s a premium version, which gives access to an even wider library of clips and regular online seminars – at a cost though.

Fora TV

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