We've held onto the Pocket-lint Podcast to allow Stuart to return from Aberdeen with news and hands on experience of the Volvo S60. Marvel as he explains pedestrian detection. Gasp as he reveals the technological wonderment that is its dashboard. And hold back giggles as he regales all with tales of near misses with grannies in Nissan Micras.

The team also tackle the heady subject of 3D viewing health risks, and the apparent lack thereof. And Stuart talks more on the new Amazon Kindles.

Street Fighter vs Tekken is mulled over, where Rik reveals his utter, and controversial, contempt for the daddy of all fighting games, while Dan tries to explain that hitting buttons randomly was not the point AT ALL.

Limbo on the Xbox 360 is reviewed, and the Linters reveal the hottest products coming up for Christmas.

So, download, subscribe, or have a listen online, and let us know if you've got any ideas for improvements, changes or things you'd love the team to talk about in the future at the usual address, feedback@pocket-lint.com. Enjoy.

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