There’s a long running conversation I’m involved in with a good mate. You see, he’s a good 10 years younger than me, and thinks that the 1980s were the epitome of cool.

He loves the music, the cars, the TV shows - even the fashions. I call this the Ashes to Ashes effect - picking the bits of a decade that suit your needs and then somehow making people think it was all good.

But for every Duran Duran there was also a Dollar, for every Bono there was a Bonnie Tyler, and not everything from the decade that taste forgot was good, or should be brought back.

I’m not sure 8-bit graphics fall into that category though. This site shows you what Google Maps might have looked like if it had been launched in 1983. Not much use, but it does bring a nostalgic tear to the eye of anybody who remembers Bruce Willis when he had hair.

8-Bit City

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