Is no Apple product safe from component enthusiasts who just want to rip it apart and expose its innards?

Apparently not, with Apple's Magic Trackpad the latest device to be given a strip-down.

And what does it reveal? Well, not a great deal really - there's no secret super-chips and no hidden codes to be cracked. But hey, the guys at iFixit love taking things apart (they were particularly excited by the square threads on the battery screw, but then again, who wasn't?)

The most interesting revelations were that there was a Broadcom BCM2042 on the logic board for Bluetooth connectivity - the same chip used by the Magic Mouse and that there was also a Broadcom BCM5974 touch screen controller chip that provides multi-touch functionality and is the same tech used in the iPhone, iPod touch, and MacBook Air.

Apart from that, there were a lot of ribbon cables and aluminium parts.

We hope you enjoyed the latest instalment of The Amazing Adventures of the Inside of Apple Stuff. Stay tuned to Pocket-lint for the next episode - where we'll be ripping Apple's battery charger apart*.

*This isn't actually going to happen - at least we don't think it will.