Is this the start of a price war?

HMV are now offering the top 40 singles downloads for just 40p a pop. That's a massive saving on iTunes and many other legal download sites, so is this when downloading becomes the way that most people get their favourite music from now on?

This site is the perfect place for newbies to start too. There's a step-by-step guide to downloading and MP3's generally - something that Apple's service, although reasonably intuitive, doesn't have front and centre.

HMV has also beefed up its catalogue, with an estimated 10 million tracks available for immediate download.

And the best bit? It synchronises with iTunes, so you can have all your downloads in one place - regardless of where they came from. HMV also lets you download previous purchases if you misplace your original version.

The 40p offer won't last forever though, so best to stock up while it's running.

Apple, Amazon, Play and all the others, should be taking note.

HMV Digital

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