Wow. This looks incredible.

We recently told you about real-life Star Wars and real-life Harry Potter and now we bring you this video, courtesy of the guys over at Akihabara, which shows off the sort of hi-tech magic that was on show in the Tom Cruise futuristic-thriller Minority Report.

No, it's not a computer that can predict the future based on the impulses of a couple of weird looking alien-types - it's a motion controlled computer that reacts to multiple movements to provide different displays.

The demo shows off a Google Street View style setup where the user is able to navigate through the crowded streets by pointing and gesturing. He then steps into a shop and controls a raft of menus by flicking his hands about.

The demo moves on to a scan of the inside of a human head - which indicates the tech could be used by doctors or surgeons without needing to physically touch a machine for reference.

It looks amazing and we want to have a play on it. Unfortunately the report suggests that even if Hitachi wanted to put the system out in the real world - it wouldn't be ready until the middle of 2011.

For now, we'll just have to keep wiping the smudges off of our touch screen devices.