Self-styled entrepreneur, author and performer, Shed Simove has followed up his iPad mickey-take the iNotePad, with an altogether less high-brow dig at Apple.

And sure, it's crude and it's tacky and, well, it's a little bit childish - but we're always a sucker for a bit of toilet humour.

Called the iPood - Simove's latest novelty item is basically a USB flash drive shaped like a poop. Yep, it doesn't get any cleverer than that.

Simove said: “In the past, some people have kindly said that certain ideas I’ve created are awesome, but I can say with complete certainty that this idea is utter sh*t…and you can quote me on that…”

Well, we just did.

As well as the iPood, Simove does have some pretty funny items in his online store including the Martin Loofah King and the Hide Your Identity Specs.

If you fancy getting hold of the iPood, it will cost you £16.99. That's pretty pricey for what is essentially a 2GB USB drive - but hey, sh*t happens.