Here's one we've mentioned in news stories from time to time, but never really taken a closer look at.

This kind of location-based social networking has been in the news this week, with a Guardian journo freaking out a Foursquare user by tracking her down to a London pub and tweeting her to say he was waiting at the bar. The point being that if you're not careful with your personal information, this kind of thing could be a stalker's dream.

At what price progress, eh?

But, if you are careful, and you just want to let people know about your favourite places, trips and excursions, Gowalla is as good as any. It comes with a full raft of apps for just about any device you can think of and once signed up you can share the best bits of your life with whomever you choose. After the Guardian's article, a few people might be thinking twice about this kind of site, but used carefully, they're a lot of fun, and this one is on the rise.

Share, but share with common sense is our advice.


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