Anybody who owns a cat, sorry, what I meant to say there was anybody who is employed by a cat to look after it and feed it, will know that they have an uncanny knack for getting into areas where you’d rather they didn’t go.

Try as you might, you’ll never pen them in, and this simple game proves the point brilliantly

Try to encircle the cat with dark dots before he escapes off the page. Sounds easy, right? But just like in real life, this kitty is smarter than your average person.

We’re assured it can be done, but we haven’t managed it just yet. It’s also a little ironic that you’ll spend your time chasing a cat with a mouse. How long before somebody comes up with a dog to chase it around for you?

Don’t expect to get too much work done this week - it’s highly addictive.

Circle the cat

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