What's the most dangerous creature in the ocean? Is it a jellyfish? A shark? What about an octopus? Alright, stop guessing, because we just know you won't get it.

"The navy said they wanted a killing machine and that's exactly what I gave them", says Eric Roberts in the trailer for SySf channel's latest aqua horror; Sharktopus.

Coming to a cinema near you in what we suspect will be no big hurry, the spoof blockbuster fulfils an internet meme of giant sea proportions, bringing with it a trailer of one scary movie.

Does it star psychic Paul? No. Will you want your money back at the end of the movie? Most likely. Is it going to be better than Megashark vs Giant Octopus?

No, but if enough people talk about it (Twitter fans we are looking at you) then maybe, just maybe, we could get Hollywood to make it for real.

It worked for Snakes on a Plane.