Sony will be showing off this 360-degree autostereoscopic display at the SIGGRAPH conference in LA (beginning 25 July).

The prototype, which measures 27cm high with a 13cm diameter, is capable of showing full colour volumetric images and video in a 360-degree range, with 1-degree increments. The display shows off 3D imagery without the need for 3D glasses.

It is LED based and is compatible with most existing 3D image software (you can use a turntable to get your pictures) and videos are taken using a new multi-cam system featuring eight cameras at 45-degree angles.

Not only can it show images and video, you can also interact with the display using a controller or via hand gestures. You can also play games, like the brilliantly futuristic version of the old bricks classic in the video.

In the future we can imagine sitting in front of a massively scaled up version of this prototype that is placed in the centre of the room.

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