If you thought that technical issues with high profile phone launches were exclusive to Apple then think again - Android forums are abuzz with stories of faulty Motorola Droid Xes.

The problems with the Droid X seems to lie within its 4.3-inch FWVGA LCD, which has been displaying lines (or vertical banding) as seen in the video above, or screen flickering as seen in this one below.

Reports suggest that a number of Droid X fans have had their handsets replaced by US network Verizon, but there is a feeling that this has been quite a common occurrence across the launch.

Now, Motorola is nowhere near as newsworthy as Apple for the mainstream media, so it will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

One company, who everybody and his dog has heard of, releases a new phone that drops its signal display when held in a certain way - although the majority of reports suggest that dropping actual calls isn't such an issue.

One company, who most people would know of, but might not be as aware that it has just released a new handset, sends out phones with screens that clearly make the phone unusable.

Which is worse?

We think the latter, clearly, although there's no way that the media exposure will be on the same scale as what antennagate has managed.

You could argue that Apple's problem is more widespread as it seems to affect all, or if not, most, of the iPhone 4 customer base, whereas the Droid X problem seems limited to a minority of handsets.

You could also argue that Apple brings much of the attention on itself by having such high profile launches.

But the fact remains that Motorola has shipped a number of dud handsets.

How will the world react? We'll have to wait and see.

Are you a Droid X owner? If so, let us know if you've experienced any of the screen issues.