Apparently, iOS 4.1 is meant to fix, somewhat, the death grip problem with the iPhone 4. It features a software fix that reduces the effect of holding the antenna in a certain way on the reduction of signal strength.

So we've downloaded the developers' version of the updated operating system, installed it on an iPhone 4, and checked out whether it really has nullified the issues that have irked so many other tech sites and journalists.

During our test, as seen in the video filmed by PL's editor Stuart, the bars still drop, just not to zero, like before. And, although they clearly disappear still, the signal remains loud and clear at both ends of the call. Essentially, we're not sure how much effect the new version of the OS is having, but we're certainly not having any trouble with the audio.

Now, all that remains is Apple's press conference to fill us in on any gaps, and the general release of the patch.