We're not sure what sort of pickle this chap has got himself into, or who he's running away from at a deserted industrial estate but, boy, does he look pleased that his LaCie XtremKey has managed to stay intact even after it is run-over by a truck.

At least we're guessing the script called for him to look pleased. Instead, the young actor portrays creepy smugness with great aplomb.

What we do know is the video is designed to show off just how tough the LaCie XtremKey USB drive is.

LaCie specialises in rugged storage and the XtremKey is no exception. It is described as "impenetrable" by its makers and is constructed out of a material called zamac, which is a metal alloy composed of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper.

It can withstand extreme temperatures, whether that be chilly (down to minus 50 degrees Celsius) or toasty (up to 200 degrees Celsius). It can also survive a fall from 5 metres and it is water resistant up to 100 metres.

“The XtremKey offers extreme durability and capacity in a convenient, well-protected and fun form factor”, said Alexis Kobassian, product manager at LaCie.

“Despite the robust, industrial-strength protection we’ve added, it’s still a LaCie key that brings ease-of-use and reliability to customers looking to keep their data secure while on the go”.

Available in 8GB variations up to 64GB, the cheapest variety will set you back £42.99.

Sure, that's a lot more than your standard USB drive, but when you drop your drive in front of a truck/leave it in the oven or freezer/accidentally take it scuba-diving, you'll be glad you're using a LaCie XtremKey.