Konami has released this preview video of the latest instalment of the massively popular Pro Evolution Soccer series, PES 2011.

The trailer shows off a few of the new features in the game, including a completely revamped tactics area, with new systems and style commands.

There are examples of an all-new power gauge system which lets you choose the exact strength and position of every pass, with 360 degrees passing now an option.

Defending has also been improved, you can now adopt defensive hold-up play, where your defenders jostle the attackers rather than dive right in with a reckless tackle a la John Terry.

The skills and movements that players can do now have been massively increased - there are 100 new motions in total. Feints and tricks can be mapped on to the R3 button in advance to create patterns of play, but presumably only good players can do all of the tricks on offer (don't bother trying to do step overs with Emile Heskey for example).

The attached screenshots give a glimpse of the new Stadium Edit mode, that allows you to customise your own home ground to play in and there's also a look at the first screen-grabs for the massively reworked Become a Legend mode.

PES 2011 is due out in the autumn (22 October has been mooted as a probable release date) and will be available on Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360 and PC.

Konami will be hoping that the 2011 version of the purists' favourite title puts the game back ahead of EA's Fifa series. It's widely accepted that Fifa was the winner of the 2010 football sim franchise battle.