VIDEO: BlackBerry 6 sneak peak

RIM has released this video of its next OS, BlackBerry 6, and given us a quick insight into some of the key features of the new platform.

Highlights include a universal search option (which is very similar to iOS's Spotlight) a text magnifier to scroll through individual characters (which is very similar to iOS's magnifier). So is there anything that doesn't look like an iOS rip-off?

Thankfully, yes there is.

First up there's enhanced music controls and BlackBerry messenger has had a makeover as well. The RSS reader looks nicely spruced up too.

More excitingly than that though is the social networking functionality. Within BlackBerry 6 you are able to see all of your social feeds in one place and also post simultaneously across them - so you can bore and annoy your Twitter followers at the same time as your Facebook ones.

We're expecting to see BlackBerry 6 on RIM's new lineup - which we've reported on in the past - and it could also possibly appear on an upcoming RIM 7-inch tablet. It will also be available as an upgrade for some newer model BlackBerry devices, although it hasn't been confirmed as of yet which ones.

Are you a BlackBerry user? Is BlackBerry 6 set to rock your world? Give us your first impressions of the new OS below.