Here's your challenge. Watch the four new adverts that Apple has put out for the iPhone 4's FaceTime ads and try not to squirm or cringe.

You couldn't do it could you? It's impossible.

These adverts are bad. We mean painfully bad. It physically hurts to watch these cheese-fests.

"Smile" was the only one that evoked any sort of emotion in us other than embarrassment - sympathy and sorrow for the poor young girl who has not only got a mouth full of metal, she's also got an absolute tool of a father.

"Meet Her" just begs the question - if Grandpa could afford the £600ish for an iPhone 4 (or whatever not-cheap contract that he's on) then why couldn't he have afforded to buy an airline ticket to go and see his first grandchild in the flesh rather than a pixelated version of her on a 3.5-inch screen?

"Haircut" is just a non-event and did "Big News" really need the last line - "You're gonna be a dad"? It's not as if the audience thought "that thing we've been working on" was a 2500 piece jigsaw of the Yorkshire Moors.

And all these from the same company who brought us the original big blockbuster ad back in 1984 - directed by Ridley Scott.

Must try harder Apple we say, and lay off the fromage in future campaigns.

What do you guys think? Are we just being overly cynical - are these adverts, in fact, beautiful 30 second mini-stories? Let us know your thoughts on Apple's FaceTime campaign below.