APP OF THE DAY - Epicurious Recipes (iPhone/iPad/Android)

Here at Pocket-lint we enjoy a good feed as much as anyone. The trouble is finding the time, as you first decide what you're going to prepare, then plan and finally execute; ending up with a fine and tasty dish - in fact it's rather like writing an App Of The Day.

So if you or your family are getting bored of eating fishfinger sandwiches, then you might want to take a look at the Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List app which will ensure that your meal ideas are in ready supply.

Epicurious Recipes

iPhone / Android

This app has been produced by the award-winning food site and includes over 28,000, professionally tested recipes. Suitable for either the iPhone or the iPad, and Android, it should prove dab handy for those of you who want to eat a little healthier or become a bit more adventurous with your nosh.


Features include the ability to browse a list of "most popular" recipes, which are categorised for different occasions and you can also filter your search by swiping through icons, enabling you to find recipes which are healthy, in season or simply what's in your fridge.

There's also the ability to take a look at what other Epicurious members are plating up, so if you like surprises then it'll certainly give you the chance to experiment, whilst a personal favourites list means you can keep track of successful meals.

It has to be said that for us, cooking and iPads/iPhones/Android handsets don't strike us as the most natural of bed fellows, so you might want to invest in some kind of protective case especially if you are one of those sloppy/messy cooks. However if you're a clean cook then you should be fine.

iPad owners get a few extras like a full screen cookbook view, and a snazzy interface, but both seem like very decent propositions and more importantly are free. 

The Android version has only just launched giving fans of the little green guy a chance to do some cooking too.