This advert is probably a lot more interesting if you speak Japanese, but even if you don't you'll probably still get the gist.

Japan's first Move commercial shows off some of the gameplay of release titles including EyePet, Sports Champions, Beat Sketch, High Velocity Bowling, Kung Fu Rider and Big 3 Gun Shooting.

There's also footage of Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, which will be Move compatible via a free software update if you've already got the game at home.

PlayStation Move is out in the UK on 17 September. The PlayStation Move Pack, which includes PlayStation Move controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, a disk with Beat the Sketcher, Blocks and Echochrome 2, will be £49.99. The PlayStation Move controller on its own is £34.99. The PlayStation Eye camera is £24.99 and a PlayStation sub-controller is £24.99.

Oh, and the silhouette of the girl dancing and moving in the advert....haven't we seen that somewhere before?