Over in Shanghai at the World Expo 2010, Canon has been showing off what it thinks the cameras of 2030 might look like.

Now this video is a little dull, granted, but it's worth watching not only to see the brilliant visions Canon has for the future of photography, but also to take a ganders at the brilliant Panasonic Life Wall that it has set up to demo it - three 152-inch plasma touch screens (4096 x 2160 pixels) - simply incredible.

The concept camera is quite amazing as well - from the sleek way that the image display blends in with the white material that makes up the device - to the touch swipe zoom interface.

The idea behind the camera is that video and still imagery is combined, with every single thing in every single frame in focus. That means you basically have to point the camera around and you can sort out what images you want from it when you get home.

You can switch between mega-zooms and macro-modes with the same lens and it also has face recognition whereby it can pick our certain aspects, like smiles, in a large crowd of people.

There was no detailed spec on offer but you can imagine unparalleled zooms and megapixels like you can't imagine. In fact, it would probably be gigapixels or terapixels we're talking about by then.

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 is the largest World's Fair site ever at 5.28-square km and runs until 31 October. Get more info here.