After watching this demo from Ten One Design you'd probably assume that the iPad's touchscreen was pressure sensitive. But as David Brent quite rightly pointed out - "Never assume, it makes an ass out of 'u' and me".

No, there's no pressure revelation on show here, just a brilliant display of how the iPad's software can be configured into acting as if it has got pressure capabilities.

Ten One design has built a private function call that allows its Pogo stylus to draw with different displays of pressure. The hacked app also allows "palm rejection" whereby the iPad can differentiate between the stylus and a human hand and a more natural drawing stance can be taken.

The trouble is, is that Apple won't allow private calls within App Store apps, they have to be approved first.

Ten One is hoping to convince Apple to go with the innovation though, and has promised to open up the software to other developers if it is successful.

But don't go thinking that just because the software clearly improves the iPad then Apple will approve it. There are a shed-load of jailbroken iPhone apps that go over and above what approved apps are capable of - but Apple doesn't seem interested in them.

So don't hold you breath for iPad pressure recognition. Just enjoy Ten One's brilliant hack job for now.