Remember that scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise uses his hands to swipe and swish his way through a number of images? Well, what if we told you that not only is that computer system real and ready to use, but that it might be in your home within the next 5 years?

Exciting isn't it? Well that's the claim from the man behind the system, John Underkoffler of MIT’s Media Lab,who after having created the mock-up for the Steven Spielberg film, then spent the last couple of years actually creating the computer in real life so those with lots of data mining to do, can go ahead and do it in a three-dimensional space using their hands.

Known as "g-speak", the pretty amazing interface is under development by Underkoffler’s company Oblong. He chose to debut the system in February (the video has just been released) at one of the many TED conferences to a packed and awestruck crowd.

Think a more advanced version of Microsoft's Kinect system and you're on the right tracks.

Do you think you would be ready to use your hands to control your computer's actions, rather than typing on a keyboard or moving a mouse? Let us know in the comments below.