It's been a busy day for iPhone 4 news. It's all been a bit serious as well. Official letters, complaints about faulty handsets and the like. It's all a bit much for a phone.

So, we thought it only best that we finish on a lighter iPhone 4 note, and remind ourselves that despite all the controversy, it is still a pretty decent handset with some pretty nifty features.

Including HD video shooting as demonstrated in this brilliant video - apparently the first music video completely shot on an iPhone 4.

It's by unsigned Canadian strummer Steve Failows who goes by the name of Flakjakt for his musical ventures and was shot, directed and edited by the brilliantly named Marty Martin.

It wasn't edited on an iPhone 4 unfortunately, it was done in Final Cut Pro - so Apple of My Eye remains the only 100 per cent produced iPhone 4 offering we've seen.

This video clearly demonstrates two things. Firstly that the iPhone 4 is definitely capable of doing a job when it comes to HD video shooting. And secondly, a record label needs to get Flakjakt into its office and get these chaps signed up. They're much better than a lot of the absolute drivel that dominates that charts at the moment.

Can your band lay claim to an earlier iPhone 4 shot music video than this? If so, let us know.