There's plenty of Android chatter in this week's podcast as we discuss the HTC Hero getting its 2.1 update, whilst Nexus One owners are enjoying 2.2 and we look forward to 3.0 (gingerbread).

We also discuss the pros and cons of the new MeeGo OS and hope for Nokia's sake that it proves a hit, as the Pocket-lint posse admit to feeling sorry for the Finnish phone giant.

As we mourn the loss of the Kin and put it down to the fact there is no such thing as the 20-something hipster demographic, we also decide that the Kin handset mountain, which has presumably built up due to the lack of sales, should be dumped in the sea. Don't worry there's a perfectly rational explanation.

The most tags attached to a group photo, and the future of TV are also discussed and Dan gloats as he sets off to Sweden in search of some high-end photographic tech.

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