It seems that a week doesn't go by that we don't feature a design from concept-connoisseurs Yanko Design. We can't help it, the site feature designs from artists that just resonate coolness.

The design that has caught our eye this time is this excellent @home coffee table with its ultra smooth hideaway compartments and its 2010: A Space Odyssey futuristic minimalist whiteness.

Not only will it tuck your laptop away it also has integration with your mobile phone, memory sticks, external hard drives, remote controls and cameras within its specialist spaces.

Designer Phillipe Barsol says: "The main use of the chest is to bear the weight of a laptop, but also to fit the largest number of peripherals into its lateral drawers. The staggered double hinges enable it to be self-supporting and to raise its position when in use. It then becomes extremely easy to get the computer out when needed, without ever cluttering the table top".

Useful, cool, and pretty darn expensive if it  ever came to fruition we'd imagine.