The first trailer for the upcoming Facebook movie has been released and, even though it only features sound bites from the film over some text, it looks as if it might be pretty corny. There are some awful one-liners it has to be said:

"A million dollars isn't cool, you know what is cool? A billion dollars".

The film is directed by David Fincher, who has directed some brilliant films including Fight Club and Se7en, and it stars Jesse Eisenberg, who was fantastic in Zombieland, as Mark Zuckerberg so hopefully it will be watchable.

Mind you, it also stars Justin Timberlake. We're not knocking Timberlake's acting credentials here - we're just putting it out there that he's in it.

We are looking forward to seeing The Social Network though, but we can't help but feel that maybe the movie has come a bit too soon. We mean, what's the ending going to be - a big finale featuring Zuckerberg's dodging of Walt Mossberg's questioning over Facebook's privacy issues?

That's not very exciting we're sure you agree. Maybe they should have waited a few years for the inevitable melt down of Zuckerberg's empire. It could have been Citizen Kane mark two.