Having recently reviewed the Onkyo HTS3305 and given it top marks - well 9/10, which is pretty close - we thought we'd point you in the direction of Richer Sounds who are selling the high-end home theatre system for just under £300.

Yes, it's still a considerable investment but the Onkyo system is a cracker offering up a whole heap of functionality for a pretty decent price.

It's got a very simple set-up as Onkyo has colour coded the speakers, the cables and the connections on the back of the receiver so it is simply a case of connecting by colours.

It is also future proof to a degree, as the latest version of HDMI will mean it'll have no problem with 3D content if you ever decide to upgrade other aspects of you system.

If you're in the market and you want to take a closer look, first click through to our full review and then follow this link to Richer Sounds.