APP OF THE DAY - Geometry Wars Touch (iPad)

It's 6pm and time for another App of the Day, in which we bring you all that's good and great from the myriad of applications available across multiple platforms.

There are plenty of useful bits and bobs out there which will help with state capitals and getting the most out of art galleries, but let's not forget the joys of a good shoot-em-up which is where Geometry Wars for iPad comes in.

Geometry Wars Touch


Ever since playing Ad Astra on the ZX Spectrum shoot-em-ups have been a firm favourite with Pocket-lint, and on seeing the Xbox Live favourite on the Apple tablet we think it'd make a great addition to your iPad arsenal - as long as you like shooting things that is.

instead of your Xbox controller you get two virtual sticks, which take the form of circles on either side of the screen these move depending on where you interact with the iPad surface - in effect leaving you to decide the most comfortable position to control the game.

New modes become unlockable as you play and there's even a new mode specially for all you crazy iPad kids that Xbox dudes didn't have, called Titans.

Great fun and very colourful, this should give you some decent gaming action at a very reasonable £2.99.